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Destiny 2011

I’m currently developing my next full length album, titled “Destiny”.

Here’s the album cover. I like to start backwards with the artwork developed first. Having a visual to work towards keeps me more productive. Aiming for late spring 2011.

Story-wise, it continues from “King Friday” and will serve as a bookend to 2008’s “face:the.music” like the third chapter in a trilogy.

Production and composition-wise, I’ll of course have to push my limits further. More lead guitar, more range in vocals and harmonies, more groovy bass lines… And style-wise, although I do want to go back to more pop-punk styles to reflect “face:the.music”, I plan to incorporate some 60’s garage and funk as well as some epic-sounding prog rock.

I’m hoping to create a more dynamic masterpiece this time around. Not to say it’s going to be a darker album overall, but some songs will get pretty deep while others will maintain that pop-punk edge. I’m hoping everything I’ve learned along the way, musically, thematically, lyrically and at the production level, will converge in this new project.

And the reason I’m doing this so soon after the release of King Friday is a little bit of a personal experiment of my own. I don’t really like to discuss song meanings and get all artsy-fartsy on this blog, but I’ll say this much; I guess it’s no secret that the past couple of albums are a loose interpretation of my past few of years. For all writers, it’s always “write what you know”. This time I want to have a little bit of “write what will be” and see if we have the power to write our own… destiny. Ooooohh!!!

In the meantime, help me with some funding and buy King Friday from iTunes 🙂

All Hail, King Friday

With the writing process almost complete, I’ve taken a step back and looked at the picture that I’ve painted so far and have decided to rename the album: King Friday.
“It’s Not Karma If It Doesn’t Hurt”

I’m gonna lie and say I don’t think about it
Was it that long ago?
Maybe it has to bite me in the ass
And come full circle

Answer a question with a question
Or just delay inevitability
I don’t know if it’s pretend
Anti-Love, she thinks about me

It was never really worth it, I’m sure
It was a familiar taste in her kiss
And it came back to haunt me today
Anti-Love to make you sick

The grass was always greener
If you had only seen her
I need to take a breather
Anti-Love made me a believer

(album artwork in progress)

Geek at work.

Sooo… blah.

Sorry. Um, I finally setup my recording studio in my new apartment in the lower east side of manhattan, and also got myself a new guitar: an Epiphone Les Paul: Special II, which I named “Epiphany”. Quite the sexy.

I’m still writing the lyrics for most of the new record and I got a case of the ol’ writer’s block again.

“Kill your vice or take control
That’s all it’s asking for
The itch to relieve
The itch to believe
Take your eyes up off the floor”


And on the “face:the.music” side of things, check out the house remix of Rush!

All Ears

So before I pick up the guitar and start the writing process of the new record, I wanna, sort of, ’empty my cup’ and refresh my brain a bit…

Lately I’ve been steering away from the usual music I’d listen to… I’ve been playing a lot of oldies, wacky alternative, even some drum and bass. I’m discovering more of The Beatles, Bloc Party and Beck, I’ve also stumbled on to some Peter Bjorn and John, MGMT and Giant Panda. It’s been a unique mix so far…

When a song comes on, my ears and brain always have to pick apart and analyze the composition before I can say if it’s a ‘good’ song or not… and that’s not even the same as me liking it. (I can honestly say that there are songs I hate that I think are put together really well.) I wish I can turn that off sometimes and just kick back and enjoy a tune without the analytics…

Anyways, my ears hungry for some new flavors… anyone got any suggestions? What’s unique on your playlist?

Also, face:the.music is still available on iTunes and Amazon… Help a guy out 😀

Back to being a “Geek”

So, with season four of the webisodes in the can, I gotta keep the creative juices flowing… I’m starting preproduction of my new record:


The writing process is fun, yet grueling… Once again I’m finding myself figuring out which direction I want to take this album. last year’s face:the.music told the story of an inevitable breakup… i feel it was a pretty well-rounded sound, some punk, some heavy rock, club banger hip-hop, and dark emo-rap. But with geekology, I’m aiming for something a little more light-hearted. The general theme I’m trying to incorporate is something like “the twenty-something’s crossroads”. Think: quarter-life crisis, from a geek’s perspective. (more on the ‘geek’ part another time.)

I have about 2 to 3 songs written so far. Here are the lyrics to one that I’d like to share:
“Insomnia In Song”
(Lyrics by R. Salgado)

Wide awake and it’s 2 in the morning
Is my east coast body clock Californian?
It’s like writer’s block, but in reverse
But if I reverse it feels so much worse

How can it be my time to shine
When it’s always time to ‘rise and shine’?
Just give me five more minutes
Just give me five more minutes

I’m against the grain

I look at the clock, it’s 3 in the morning
My pace of breath is hardly slowing
Connecting dots with spots on my wall…
Shit… is that what I’m waiting for?

How can it be my time to shine
When it’s always time to ‘rise and shine’?
Just give me five more minutes
Just give me five more minutes

I’m against the grain

All of a sudden, I countdown the decade
Close my eyes and countdown the decade
Hit the snooze and countdown the decade
Throw the clock and countdown the decade

Wake up and I’m old.

Putting The Pieces Together

So… after the past month of tinkering around with new melodies and drum beats, I’ve finally put together the final 4 rock songs… Now it’s just a matter of tweaking out the structures, and actually laying them down in GarageBand.

I’m stoked to have the last 3rd of November off, so I can finally lock myself away in my basement studio and bang out these tracks.

I’m gonna try to have the new single “Running With Roses (Death of Desperado, Pt 1)” on myspace by the end of the week, with a video possibly up after the weekend.

Looking for inspiration…

It’s always this part of production I hate… filling in the little gaps. Sometimes it’s what makes the record count. I spent most of the weekend tweaking some of the lyrics, for content as well as making it fit with the melodies. But I seem to get stuck. Maybe I’m thinking too hard. It becomes one of those “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kinda things.

It’s a beautiful sunny day out here in TriBeCa, and I’m hoping to catch some wind of inspiration to cure this freaking writer’s block. If anyone is out there who enjoys writing… I’m curious to know what gets your gears in motion.