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Dusty Instruments

I’m back from my usual 100 year creative hiatus.

I’m working on remastering the first two releases face:the.music (2008) and King Friday (2010). Some songs will be re-done, while the others will be fine-tuned, and King Friday gets a brand new 11th song as a bonus track.

The new song is titled “Midnight Smile”, (a roadhouse-rock song I had partially written during the 2010 recordings, but never finished) and should fit stylistically and chronologically with the overall concept album as it continues with the 3rd upcoming record, “Destiny”.


I feel a little weird ‘George-Lucasing’ my earlier works, but whatever… I feel like some songs could sound better, and that King Friday definitely needed one more sexy, party track.

So, the new record “Destiny” cleans up the mess from the story told in King Friday, and will be a book-end/story arc that started with face:the.music. Again, loosely based on personal accounts, and… yea. Overall, it’s a musical trilogy. I’m trying to not be the pop-punk version of Taylor Swift or Adele about this, writing about more break-ups and heartache, but instead looking those from another angle… The challenge now is telling that same break up story, but leaving the adolescent emo-style behind… been there, done that.

The Home Stretch

First off, I love how Myspace’s “custom wallpaper” looks absolutely NOTHING like the album artwork for face:the.music.

Coincidence? Hardly.

Now as for the production for King Friday, I have 4 more tracks to go before I can start the mastering process for the CD.

-(untitled Intro)
-101 Days (Away From Home)
-A Night on the Town
-(untitled Outro)

Hopefully I can cut two a week, master by the third week and be ready for the release by the infamous date of Sept. 23 (9/23)! Not likely, since there’s more to be done after the mastering; new distribution methods, marketing, etc.

But in the event I am done before then, I’ll have it available for a free download for Facebook friends on 9/23 and plan a US release through iTunes, Amazon, Napster and Rhapsody by Mid-October.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing the typical “check out this song” posting on Facebook and Twitter. I’m sure it’s probably annoying to some of my friends on there (maybe they consider it spam or whatever) but shameless plugs are part of the gig being a one-man band. It’s just gotta be done. Some of my “friends” either don’t know that I make music or they’re checking their Facebook on mobile devices, so my music posts are pretty much hit or miss. But I do wanna say thanks for those who have given feedback, through FB Likes and retweets, your feedback lets me know I’m doing the right thing.

face:the.music widget!

Okay, still no luck with the mixer. In the meantime, I’ve figured out how to share my music widget:

Here is face:the.music streaming in it’s entirety!

[clearspring_widget title=”Widget” wid=”4a37fb2f2cad25b3″ pid=”4af455186ccd1780″ width=”160″ height=”400″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]

Geek at work.

Sooo… blah.

Sorry. Um, I finally setup my recording studio in my new apartment in the lower east side of manhattan, and also got myself a new guitar: an Epiphone Les Paul: Special II, which I named “Epiphany”. Quite the sexy.

I’m still writing the lyrics for most of the new record and I got a case of the ol’ writer’s block again.

“Kill your vice or take control
That’s all it’s asking for
The itch to relieve
The itch to believe
Take your eyes up off the floor”


And on the “face:the.music” side of things, check out the house remix of Rush!


So to my surprise, I checked the iTunes music store on my iPhone on Friday, and found this while searching for “richy923”:

So… that, along with the official CD booklets that came in the mail:

It’s safe to say that “face:the.music” is officially for sale!

Here’s the link to the iTunes Music Store:


Priced at $9.99


Everything is almost in place… It’s just a matter of time… and marketing now.

-I now own “Trackburner Records” as an official legal business
-Artwork has been finalized
-First batch of 100 CDs have been pressed
-Currently waiting for album artwork booklet printouts serviced by Uprinting.com
-Tracks for “face:the.music” have been copyrighted
-I’ve signed on to TuneCore.com to get the album on to iTunes, which should be ready in about 3 weeks

Once the final finished product is in my hands… I can go about setting up for this damn concert/record release party.


Album Artwork

And here we have it: the new album cover for face:the.music.

What Roz came up with took me by surprise. It’s simple, yet abstract at the same time. On the drive to the shoot locations, we listened to a rough mix of the album and I discussed with her “I’m looking for something that captures the entire essence of the record, musically I mean. Since there’s a lot of different genres I play…”

Cut to two weeks later, she presents this to me and says “I like it… It’s gritty,” like some of life’s situations. It’s got both a rock and a hip-hop feel. Thanks Roz, it’s awesome.