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Best of Both Worlds

So was able to scrape up enough ::ahem:: pocket money to pick up a new drum set…

To solve the problem of shitty sounding drums, I had to go the electroinic route… That compromised not just the “live” sound of drums, but also the “human” sound of drums, it really sounded like I just pushed buttons to make the beats… which I did.

So now, I present my latest haul: the Roland TD-3SW V-Drums.

Now I can actually play the drums and record any hour I want without disturbing anybody. Although a part of me regrets not tracking drums the traditional way, using my 6-piece mic kit, mixing and all that fancy shit, this new e-kit should be the most efficient way for me to cut this record.

It’s got a mesh drum head on the snare, which gives it more of a realistic, snappy feel that a snare drum needs (compared to the rubber pads of the tomtoms) and a “choke” feature on the cymbals; so I can hit them, the physically grasp them to silence them instantly. Also the TD-3 sound brain comes with 32 different drum kit sounds to beat off to. Wait, that sounded wrong.

Financed with no interest for 12-months at Guitar Center.

Recording Process, Drums

The first half of production of face:the.music was recorded on my old XP computer, using Sony Vegas.

The hip-hop beats were built using FruityLoops and my cheapo Yamaha DJX II. As for the rock songs, I attempted to record everything live, but the end result were weak sounding drums. This is something I’ve been trying to tackle for a few months now.

For the tech-savvy people, I’m using an Alesis Multimix for my preamp and FireWire interface, and these Audix Fusion 6-piece stage drum microphones that I won off eBay. I’ve studied live drum miking in school, and recorded live drums in the studio I used to work at, but it’s been so long and I’m a bit rusty.

Since I was so anxious to lay down the guitars and vocals for some songs, I ended up building the drums on fruityloops temporarily, but i’ve decided to stick with them even though they sound kinda fake and processed.

“Just a Little Ode to Her” “Rush” and “I Need Today” might stay as is, but im going to attempt live drums again for the remaining 4 rock songs.

Since I got myself a Mac running Logic or Garageband now, I’m hoping the audio processing on those programs will give me a little more fidelity and headroom so my drums can sound better than my last attempt.