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Fast Food

FYI: Saturday afternoon, King Friday returned to iTunes… Everything sounds as it should. Support a starving artist please at $9.90 🙂 Buy: King Friday

Speaking of starving, I have a new project in the works:

Richy923 Presents: Fast Food

1) Unrequited Love
2) Dream Girl
3) Glory Days
4) Faded Fortune From A Cookie
5) The Day We Cried

Five new renditions of classic songs from my high school years recorded entirely on an iPad and an iPhone.

I’ll be cutting the record using:

iRig (device):

AmpliTube (app):

Multitrack DAW (app):

Also, I’ll be using the iPad Camera Connection Kit that adds a USB port that I can plug my M-Audio Interface into:


Let’s see how this goes! It’ll be a free download at the end of the month.


Everything is almost in place… It’s just a matter of time… and marketing now.

-I now own “Trackburner Records” as an official legal business
-Artwork has been finalized
-First batch of 100 CDs have been pressed
-Currently waiting for album artwork booklet printouts serviced by Uprinting.com
-Tracks for “face:the.music” have been copyrighted
-I’ve signed on to TuneCore.com to get the album on to iTunes, which should be ready in about 3 weeks

Once the final finished product is in my hands… I can go about setting up for this damn concert/record release party.


Almost There

So, the mastering process is now finished and today Roz and I will be finalizing the artwork design.

I’m trying to come up with the initial cost of duplication… How many hard copies do I really need? I’m hoping to make most of my sales electronically through services like iTunes or MySpace, but also I plan to have copies readily available during next month’s concert. I’m guessing around 300 to 400 copies might be enough. All of that, CD duplication, printing on the CD and printing I the artwork/casing might end up costing me around $300… Not bad… and I’ll sell the CD for $10, maybe $5 for the first 2 weeks… I’ll be able to raise enough money for this concert.