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Last night, I got a good amount done for King Friday. I re-recorded a few parts to “It’s Not Karma”: opening guitars and the surf/western type melody in the chorus. Finalized for mastering. But the bigger accomplishment is the completed ‘working’ instrumental to a new piece titled “Broke-Ass”. Song meaning is pretty self-explanatory.

It’s one of those pieces that was envisioned one way, but turned into something completely different once laid down. To give you an idea about how the song sounds, it’s a steady, rolling beat (Think: “Pork and Beans” by Weezer) and the chorus gets heavy and is something you can jump around to. Lyrics and vocals will be less emo for this one.

I started off with my weakest area: bass guitar. I need more songs that focus on bass. Anyways, things were fine after I laid down drums and a couple of guitars… then came trying to rearrange parts for verse 2. The first verse was carried by the bass melody with rhythm guitar lightly mimicking it… With the second, I just played the rhythm a little heavier. Meh. I tried rhythm again, this time a little more harsh and scratchy. Played around with this “Super Flange” plug-in: weird. Totally weird. I like it. You know what would sound cool over this? A rap. Not me though.

I immediately texted E.dot Fresco of The Backpackers and said he’s gotta get on this. It’s not a typical beat to spit over, but I know he’ll pull it off nicely. We’ll get together Thursday night and put something together. On top of that, I’m adding a ‘call and response’ after the bridge… featuring some hoochie-mama vocals shouting “You’re a broke-ass!” and some crowd shouting “Hey! Hey!” Any females out there care to contribute?

This should be one of the lighter tracks on this record.

For real. Fall 2010.

Enough bullshitting. It’s go time. Fall 2010. Pop-punk. Synths. Beats. Alcohol. King Friday.

This week, I’ll be working on two new songs. “Her Name Here” (a 50’s-ish bop) and “Broke-Ass” (a gritty, rolling punk-jam).