A One-Man-Band's DIY Production Journal.

Spotlight: “The Wake-Up Call” by The BackPackers

The BackPackers consist of emcees E.dot Fresco and Johnny McFly aka john.m.thirtheen, and they’ve just released their latest album “The Wake-Up Call” absolutely free:


Once you press play, The BackPackers take you for a ride around the Rockland suburbs and beyond, singing songs about girls, love-lost, partying and the love for hip-hop itself. Sure those topics are a dime a dozen in the genre nowadays, but these two are smart about it and do it with zero gimmicks.

Notable tracks: “Untouchable”, “Breezy” and “A Beautiful Life” (and thanks for the shout out in “Up!” haha).

I really don’t like to take credit, but both E.dot and Johnny say I was one of the reasons they got into hip-hop when I was rapping and doing beats back in the day, and now they’ve gone and done it the RIGHT way. THIS is hip-hop. Fresh lyrics, smooth beats, “The Wake-Up Call” is a perfect soundtrack to let rock for a Saturday afternoon… pssh, maybe all weekend. Hell, the whole year. Awesome job BP!

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