A One-Man-Band's DIY Production Journal.

King on the Horizon

Getting back on track (for like the 4th time) I started production of 2 new tracks this past week: “It’s Not Karma If It Doesn’t Hurt” and the intro “The Breaking”.

‘Karma’ breaks from the traditional verse-chorus-verse-chorus lyrical structure, it’s an upbeat punk style with a little bit of rapcore for some of the breaks… and a tad of surf-style guitar. the vocals can be comparable to “Rush” from face:the.music.

‘Breaking’ is somewhat of an epic introduction to the album. it’ll be in 3/4, mainly instrumental, following these lyrics:
“The Breaking”
by Richy923

I’ve smashed the fourth wall long ago
This time the whole house goes

I’ve got battlescars
From the age of desperado
They’re underneath my clothes
But it shows on my face

This is life in song
With a pre-chorus far too long
I am waiting
I am waiting
For the unknown?
For I don’t know…

eh? short and sweet.

More to come in the next week.

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