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Spotlight: “The Wake-Up Call” by The BackPackers

The BackPackers consist of emcees E.dot Fresco and Johnny McFly aka john.m.thirtheen, and they’ve just released their latest album “The Wake-Up Call” absolutely free:


Once you press play, The BackPackers take you for a ride around the Rockland suburbs and beyond, singing songs about girls, love-lost, partying and the love for hip-hop itself. Sure those topics are a dime a dozen in the genre nowadays, but these two are smart about it and do it with zero gimmicks.

Notable tracks: “Untouchable”, “Breezy” and “A Beautiful Life” (and thanks for the shout out in “Up!” haha).

I really don’t like to take credit, but both E.dot and Johnny say I was one of the reasons they got into hip-hop when I was rapping and doing beats back in the day, and now they’ve gone and done it the RIGHT way. THIS is hip-hop. Fresh lyrics, smooth beats, “The Wake-Up Call” is a perfect soundtrack to let rock for a Saturday afternoon… pssh, maybe all weekend. Hell, the whole year. Awesome job BP!

Song Premiere: “It’s Not Karma If It Doesn’t Hurt”

Sunday morning was another release from the King Friday album; the first official single “It’s Not Karma If It Doesn’t Hurt”. You can download it FREE here: www.richy923.com/_music/itsnotkarma.mp3

Listen on YouTube:

“It’s Not Karma If It Doesn’t Hurt”
(Written, Performed and Produced by R. Salgado)
from the album King Friday

I’m gonna lie and say that I don’t think about it
Was it that long ago?
Maybe it has to come and bite me in the ass
Just to come full circle

Answer a question with another
Delay inevitability
I don’t know if it’s pretend
Anti-Love, she thinks about me

It was never really worth it, I’m sure
A familiar taste in her kiss
And it came back to haunt me today
Anti-Love to make you sick

The grass was always greener
If you had only seen her
I need to take a breather
Anti-Love made me a believer

King on the Horizon

Getting back on track (for like the 4th time) I started production of 2 new tracks this past week: “It’s Not Karma If It Doesn’t Hurt” and the intro “The Breaking”.

‘Karma’ breaks from the traditional verse-chorus-verse-chorus lyrical structure, it’s an upbeat punk style with a little bit of rapcore for some of the breaks… and a tad of surf-style guitar. the vocals can be comparable to “Rush” from face:the.music.

‘Breaking’ is somewhat of an epic introduction to the album. it’ll be in 3/4, mainly instrumental, following these lyrics:
“The Breaking”
by Richy923

I’ve smashed the fourth wall long ago
This time the whole house goes

I’ve got battlescars
From the age of desperado
They’re underneath my clothes
But it shows on my face

This is life in song
With a pre-chorus far too long
I am waiting
I am waiting
For the unknown?
For I don’t know…

eh? short and sweet.

More to come in the next week.