A One-Man-Band's DIY Production Journal.

And the show continues

I finished two of the four tracks that I’ve been working on since last week and decided to release them online, a trend that I’ll be following every couple weeks or so. You can check out the following two songs on YouTube and richy923.com.


Insomnia In Song:

“Insomnia In Song” turned out EXACTLY how I wanted it to be; dark, heavy, slow… and I feel it was fitting to release it along with the bright, perky-punky, fast tune of “Califormula”.

For “Califormula”, between the new version and the demo version I released back in September, I modified the lead guitar to be a little more catchy, redid the bass, fixed some vocals and did an overall remaster of the song.

For both songs (and pretty much the whole record), the real challenge for me has been playing more lead guitar. Punk power chords can only get you so far. I try to sit with my guitar for an hour or so everyday just messing around trying my hand at playing solos and shit. I definitely need more practice.

Also on the front, besides finishing the recordings “A Night On The Town” and “Her Name Here”, I’ll be going back to face:the.music to shoot a couple videos for “The Diffusion” and “Running With Roses”. It may be a little ass-backwards, but I’ve been dying to see those songs translated on screen.

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