A One-Man-Band's DIY Production Journal.

Should’ve Seen That One Coming…

So I finished putting together the rough version of the emo track “Califormula” together over the weekend… So far, so good except for one thing: the vocals. I was recording the first verse and did a couple of takes… only to realize that my neighbors can pretty much hear me wailing and screaming through the vents of my AC, totally making me self conscious after the fact… and you can hear it in this demo.

I recorded a majority of it an octave down from what I wanted it to be and in the end, I get a half assed demo. The energy level I was trying to get wasn’t achieved… It sounds kind of boring.

So now I have to find a new place to do these vocals. I might have to go back to my parents house upstate and record it all in the basement, but that’s gonna be a lot of equipment to bring back and forth. I don’t wanna spend on renting out a studio either…

I would really love to share what I have so far. I feel I tackled those drum fills I wanted and hopefully my guitar playing got a little more melodic, but those vocals just make me cringe.

Also this past weekend, I’ve started recording for this other track “Insomnia In Song”. It sounds kinda old school… like some of those Weezer slow jams and a little bit of “Popular” by Nada Surf… haha. I’m aiming for something that sounds a little disillusioned and mellow.

Anywhoos, enough rambling. “Califormula” should be up by the weekend.

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