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Planning Ahead

After long and careful consideration, I’ve set the release date for King Friday: November 13, 2009. And yes, it’s a Friday… the 13th. dun-dun-DUN!

Now, of course I’m talking about hardcopy availability. Once the completed album is sent to TuneCore (my independent middleman distributor), it’s out of my hands when it will be approved on the iTunes and Amazon music stores, so I can’t get you an exact release date for the online availability. I’ll say late November, early December.

As for production, so far so good. I was able to get a helping hand from an old friend who was able to lend me a spare interface. Now I’m back in the recording game… Just waiting until I get my new permanent hardware too.

Similar to face:the.music, this album will feature 2 to 3 hip-hop tracks along with the different rock styles I’ve got going here, but more avant-garde hip-hop. Not too sure if you’ll hear a club banger on this one, except the infamous Rush remix that John.M.Thirteen and I let leak a couple of months ago.

The first official single “A Night On The Town” should be out in the middle of October… and again, hopefully with a video.

Stay tuned in the next few weeks with production updates and new album artwork!


It’s 9/23… (also the one year anniversary for this blog!) That being said, I’m proud to share a new song: the demo version of “Califormula” at richy923.com ! I kinda busted my ass trying to get this released for today… Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Note that it still is a demo version. And along with a new song, (if you’re on my facebook) enjoy the brand new webisode 43!

Desperate Rhymes Call For Desperate Measures

So… it’s official. My studio is kaput since my Alesis Multimix croaked. Corrupted firmware, restoring didn’t work, sledgehammers are expensive…

I got a hold of an old interface to borrow (M-Audio Fast Track USB) and I’m gonna have to say ‘screw it’ to the fact my neighbors are gonna hear my emo singing. I’m not gonna let anything get in the way of me finishing this record. I just hope the quality of the M-Audio is decent enough to match the Alesis or else I’ll have to re-track the drums and guitars all over again… just so it ALL sounds shitty. Meh.

In the meantime, I’ll try to save up $250 towards a new interface. Any suggestions or perhaps one can sell me something they’re not using?

face:the.music widget!

Okay, still no luck with the mixer. In the meantime, I’ve figured out how to share my music widget:

Here is face:the.music streaming in it’s entirety!

[clearspring_widget title=”Widget” wid=”4a37fb2f2cad25b3″ pid=”4af455186ccd1780″ width=”160″ height=”400″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]

This blows.

So I go home yesterday, all amped up to fix up a final version of Califormula …and my mixer goes on strike.

I troubleshooted (troubleshot?) the situation for about an hour and I’ve come to the conclusion… that it’s not working anymore and it’s a year past it’s warranty.

Basically I have no way to record any audio to my computer. Maybe it’s got a bad power supply or something, but the damn thing is like a big paper weight and buying a new one isn’t an option right now.

I wanted to at least re-record the vocals last night, but now I’m stuck listening to this shitty version until I find a cost effective alternative.

I’m pretty crushed right now.

Now what?

Should’ve Seen That One Coming…

So I finished putting together the rough version of the emo track “Califormula” together over the weekend… So far, so good except for one thing: the vocals. I was recording the first verse and did a couple of takes… only to realize that my neighbors can pretty much hear me wailing and screaming through the vents of my AC, totally making me self conscious after the fact… and you can hear it in this demo.

I recorded a majority of it an octave down from what I wanted it to be and in the end, I get a half assed demo. The energy level I was trying to get wasn’t achieved… It sounds kind of boring.

So now I have to find a new place to do these vocals. I might have to go back to my parents house upstate and record it all in the basement, but that’s gonna be a lot of equipment to bring back and forth. I don’t wanna spend on renting out a studio either…

I would really love to share what I have so far. I feel I tackled those drum fills I wanted and hopefully my guitar playing got a little more melodic, but those vocals just make me cringe.

Also this past weekend, I’ve started recording for this other track “Insomnia In Song”. It sounds kinda old school… like some of those Weezer slow jams and a little bit of “Popular” by Nada Surf… haha. I’m aiming for something that sounds a little disillusioned and mellow.

Anywhoos, enough rambling. “Califormula” should be up by the weekend.

First recording sessions

For the past week, aside from writing out lyrics, I’ve set up my own personal jam sessions, pumping out some nice chord progressions, drum beats and working on my drum fills… but last night I started the tracking for a new song I’ve been working on, Califormula. It’s one of the few straight-up emo songs on the record, so expect some crazy rhythm changes and more of my pre-chorus/chorus screaming.

My challenges for this song are pretty much tackling drum fills (I tend to stutter when playing too fast…) and trying my hand at finally playing some lead guitar.

I’ll have a decent cut of it ready for streaming by this time next week, hopefully with a video as well.

Also, as for artwork, I’ll be teaming up again with Roz Friend from The Branding Iron LLC as well as Lion and Rooster co-founder Leonard Salgado for some awesome photography and design. Distribution this time will be mainly online sales with very limited hard copy availability.


Kicked it to the curb again
The winter didn’t end like it’s supposed to

Though the snow started to melt
I had reminded myself that I hate these times

And now I stand here freezing
Arms folded and dreaming
of the warmth that I deserve
Oh yes, I do

Take me away
to the place where the days are longer
I wanna fly
to a high where the sky is clearer

I’ve been lonesome way too long
But don’t get me wrong, I’m not the lonely one

And now I stand here freezing
Heart open and beating
But am I the passerby
just standing still?

Take me away
To the place where the days are longer
I wanna fly
To a high where the sky is clearer

I’ve seen the sun
And it smells like roses
Oh no, it’s happening again
I swear this time
That it will be different
I just need another minute

Let me catch my breath