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All Hail, King Friday

With the writing process almost complete, I’ve taken a step back and looked at the picture that I’ve painted so far and have decided to rename the album: King Friday.
“It’s Not Karma If It Doesn’t Hurt”

I’m gonna lie and say I don’t think about it
Was it that long ago?
Maybe it has to bite me in the ass
And come full circle

Answer a question with a question
Or just delay inevitability
I don’t know if it’s pretend
Anti-Love, she thinks about me

It was never really worth it, I’m sure
It was a familiar taste in her kiss
And it came back to haunt me today
Anti-Love to make you sick

The grass was always greener
If you had only seen her
I need to take a breather
Anti-Love made me a believer

(album artwork in progress)

Geek at work.

Sooo… blah.

Sorry. Um, I finally setup my recording studio in my new apartment in the lower east side of manhattan, and also got myself a new guitar: an Epiphone Les Paul: Special II, which I named “Epiphany”. Quite the sexy.

I’m still writing the lyrics for most of the new record and I got a case of the ol’ writer’s block again.

“Kill your vice or take control
That’s all it’s asking for
The itch to relieve
The itch to believe
Take your eyes up off the floor”


And on the “face:the.music” side of things, check out the house remix of Rush!