A One-Man-Band's DIY Production Journal.

All Ears

So before I pick up the guitar and start the writing process of the new record, I wanna, sort of, ’empty my cup’ and refresh my brain a bit…

Lately I’ve been steering away from the usual music I’d listen to… I’ve been playing a lot of oldies, wacky alternative, even some drum and bass. I’m discovering more of The Beatles, Bloc Party and Beck, I’ve also stumbled on to some Peter Bjorn and John, MGMT and Giant Panda. It’s been a unique mix so far…

When a song comes on, my ears and brain always have to pick apart and analyze the composition before I can say if it’s a ‘good’ song or not… and that’s not even the same as me liking it. (I can honestly say that there are songs I hate that I think are put together really well.) I wish I can turn that off sometimes and just kick back and enjoy a tune without the analytics…

Anyways, my ears hungry for some new flavors… anyone got any suggestions? What’s unique on your playlist?

Also, face:the.music is still available on iTunes and Amazon… Help a guy out 😀

One response

  1. postal service, family force 5, the bird and the bee

    August 27, 2009 at 7:06 pm

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