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Since last Friday, I’ve been in the studio cutting tracks.

Saturday morning, I released my new single “Running With Roses” on my MySpace music site, (www.myspace.com/richy923)

And earlier today, E.Dot released a new exclusive hip-hop I produced “Trackburner 2009” featuring him and myself. (www.myspace.com/therealenmusic)

So far, production of the new record has been really smooth, averaging about 1 new song a day. Previously released songs such as “Rush” and “I Need Today” have received new treatment, based upon how “Running With Roses” came out.

I should be done recording by Saturday, and I will be with a talented graphic designer from The Branding Iron, LLC to work on the album artwork. Possible photoshoots in downtown manhattan.

I’m really pleased how things are coming together… but now I must take a break, spending time with family and friends on this beautiful Thanksgiving weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Running With Afterthoughts

So last night, I decided to track the first rough cut of “Running With Roses (Death of Desperado, Part 1)”… long title, huh?

I got mixed results.

Originally aiming for an brighter, emo sound, the end result was a hybrid between some heavy linkin park and nirvana… this song is heavy… a little too heavy for me.

I began tracking guitar (direct-in), applied some amp effects… and next tracked drums with my trusty Roland TD-3, and layered on some bass grooves and finally screamed my ass off on my C1000 condensor mic… Added some background vocals, did some minor pitch shifting since my 1am singing voice can be compared to the likes to William Hung…

I still have the next few nights to tinker with the sound some more, But maybe this song was born to be heavy… It’s different from the stuff I usually play, but this album is all about diversity, so it could be a blessing… The final version should be up by Sunday.

Putting The Pieces Together

So… after the past month of tinkering around with new melodies and drum beats, I’ve finally put together the final 4 rock songs… Now it’s just a matter of tweaking out the structures, and actually laying them down in GarageBand.

I’m stoked to have the last 3rd of November off, so I can finally lock myself away in my basement studio and bang out these tracks.

I’m gonna try to have the new single “Running With Roses (Death of Desperado, Pt 1)” on myspace by the end of the week, with a video possibly up after the weekend.