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Archive for October, 2008

Collab in progress

Last night, I held a mini jam session to break the ice on collaborating with my cousins E and Young13, together known as The Backpackers.

They aren’t just my younger cousins… These two cats have stepped in the same path I started in, and they’ve already made names for themselves by taking the musical movement another step further.

They are definitely worth your time:



We’ll be working on about three tracks together: “Intro/The Diffusion” “Face The Music”… also a special bonus track that’ll finally appear on myspace after about 2 years on standby… it’ll be more than meets your ears.

check out some snippets from last night’s jam session… (pics courtesy of E.)

Best of Both Worlds

So was able to scrape up enough ::ahem:: pocket money to pick up a new drum set…

To solve the problem of shitty sounding drums, I had to go the electroinic route… That compromised not just the “live” sound of drums, but also the “human” sound of drums, it really sounded like I just pushed buttons to make the beats… which I did.

So now, I present my latest haul: the Roland TD-3SW V-Drums.

Now I can actually play the drums and record any hour I want without disturbing anybody. Although a part of me regrets not tracking drums the traditional way, using my 6-piece mic kit, mixing and all that fancy shit, this new e-kit should be the most efficient way for me to cut this record.

It’s got a mesh drum head on the snare, which gives it more of a realistic, snappy feel that a snare drum needs (compared to the rubber pads of the tomtoms) and a “choke” feature on the cymbals; so I can hit them, the physically grasp them to silence them instantly. Also the TD-3 sound brain comes with 32 different drum kit sounds to beat off to. Wait, that sounded wrong.

Financed with no interest for 12-months at Guitar Center.